Have a fun Christmas tea time with tea and cookies!
``Christmas Story'' is a flavored tea limited to the holiday season, with crispy cookies made from simple yet high-quality ingredients, and the sweet scent of caramel and the aroma of spices. A gift set with a combination that goes well with each other. Christmas Story will be packaged in a new red can featuring a Christmas tree pattern.
We also included a sparkling, jewel-like sugar stick in the gift. Add sweetness to your preference and enjoy.
Please spend a fun Christmas time with your loved ones.
*Actually, two pieces of sugar are included in the inner bag.
These cookies are made with simple, high-quality ingredients that bring out the flavor of black tea.
Also included is a sugar stick that looks like a sparkling jewel... Two sugar bottles are included in the bag.
Christmas tea & sweets set

Christmas tea & sweets set

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You can enjoy the following brands of tea.

christmas story

The sweet scent of caramel and the scent of spices perfect for the Christmas mood.


Internal capacity:
・Christmas Tree Red Canned Christmas Story 10 tea bags
・Sable Diamant
・2 sugar sticks
*Sugar is included in the inner bag in pairs.
Christmas gift box (green)

*This item is available with ribbon only.
*If you need a carrier bag, please select [Paper carrier bag small] separately.

[About cookies cracking and crumbling]
This is a very delicate cookie. Cookies may break during shipping or when you carry them around. We will replace any cracks due to obvious damage such as a crushed outer box, but please note that any other damage caused during transportation or shipping will not be eligible for return or exchange.


Height 5.5 cm Width 22.5 cm Depth 11.8 cm




[Christmas Story] Milk/Orange [Sable Diamant] Wheat/Milk