The scent of eight popular brands of TEAPOND,
Tea bag selection that you can enjoy with easy tea bags




*通常柄 (アーガイルデザイン) のメッセージカードをご希望の方はご意見・ご要望欄に「通常メッセージカード希望」とご記入ください。

Mother's Day Tea Bag Selection Large Can Gift Set
Mother's Day Tea Bag Selection Large Can Gift Set

Mother's Day Tea Bag Selection Large Can Gift Set

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Enjoy 8 unique scents
(8 types x 6 pieces, total 48 pieces)

2023 Nepal Dhankuta Second Flush Granse Tea Farm G-101 Makar Black
Summer-picked Nepali tea with a sweet and mellow taste
6 pieces
2023 Darjeeling First Flush Sangma Tea Garden DJ-3 Flowery
Spring-picked Darjeeling with small white flowers, fresh green scent, and gentle sweetness.
6 pieces
2022 Quality Season Dimbla Desford Tea Estate BOP
Ceylon black tea with a pleasant astringency, a gorgeous aroma, and a lively taste.
6 pieces
milk tea blend
Ideal for milk tea with plenty of milk. Even as a wake-up drink
6 pieces
earl gray bluebird
Bergamot and oriental fruits. Light Earl Gray with blue flowers
6 pieces
Fruit tea garden of fragrance
Fresh scent of refreshing garden herbs and grapefruit
6 pieces
milk caramel
A soothing sweet caramel scent that can be enjoyed straight or with milk.
6 pieces
princess lychee
The scent of lychee loved by the Queen. Lychee tea with the sweetness of roses as a secret ingredient
6 pieces


Internal capacity:
8 types x 6 pieces each, total 48 pieces
(Fragrance garden: 4g tea bag / Others: 2.5g tea bag)
Large white can (with tea explanation booklet)
*Delivered in ribbon wrapping.

*If you require a carrier bag, please select it as a separate option.
Size: Paper handbag (large)


Height 12.5 cm Diameter 21.5 cm *Sizes are external dimensions. In addition, there is an error of several millimeters.




[Milk Caramel] Milk [Garden of Fragrance] Apple, orange