What kind of tea do you want today? What is your favorite brand of tea? Assorted tea bags with 10 unique scents in small numbered cans!
Inside the palm-sized colorful cans with motifs of numbers from 1 to 10, teas with different characteristics such as single origin teas, flavored teas, and fruit teas are stored. You can enjoy comparing brands with different tastes and aromas with your family and friends, just like searching for your favorite clothes according to your mood of the day. You can choose from a specially bound 10-can set that is perfect as a formal gift, or a 3-can set that combines 3 numbers in advance. What is your favorite tea number?


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You can enjoy the following brands *Brands are subject to change.

Flavor tea

Tea bag 4 pieces

Sweet fruits and flowers of flowers play glamorous harmony in the cup.

Fruit tea
Strawberry circus

Tea bag 3 pieces

Spring and spice. A little surprising combination is a scent of adult

Flavor tea
Earl Gray Bluebird

Tea bag 4 pieces

Bergamot and Oriental fruits. Light Earl Gray with blue flowers

Low Cafe Intie

Tea bag 4 pieces

Orange fruit and flower scent. Because it is a decaffe type, it is also before good night

Mist Valley Tea Garden EX-1

Tea bag 4 pieces

Abra-like ornailful smell and spring mouthpiece peaning neperty

Mangalan Tea Garden Or-233

Tea bag 4 pieces

Assam tea with rich rich and smell and smell with Morte

Somerset Tena Garden BOP

Tea bag 4 pieces

Seylonti with beautiful light blue and meloo aftertaste that invites nostalgia

Fuguri Tena Garden DJ-47

Tea bag 3 pieces

Summer Ignoring Darjeeling Impressive Aroma That Elegant Rose and Citrus Soluble


Tea bag 4 pieces

Sugar pickled ginger and vanilla, warm spice smell of cinnamon

Original blend
Afternoon blend

Tea bag 4 pieces

A balanced taste perfect for the afternoon tee time to enjoy sweets



10 cans set ribbon wrapping. Each set is included with a leaflet for the explanation of the brand and how to enjoy.
A gift box using a fine grass that is also used for book binding is a gorgeous design.
Colorful cans have 3 to 4 tea bags in one can. The size of the can is 7.8 cm in diameter.
You can choose from 3 combinations.
3 cans set ribbon wrapping
The 3 cans set is a cosmetic box that has been prepared for the delicious way of making tea bags.


Internal capacity:
10 types x 3 or 4 each, total 38 pieces
(Strawberry Circus: 4g tea bag / Others: 2.5g tea bag)
Comes in a specially bound gift box with tea leaflet
*Will be delivered with ribbon wrapping.

* This item is available in ribbon only.
* If you need a handbag, please select [Large paper handbag] separately.


Height 3.2 cm Width 40 cm Depth 16.5 cm *Sizes are external dimensions. In addition, there is an error of several millimeters.




[Strawberry Circus] Apple
Ribbon wrapping for a set of 10 cans. Each set comes with a brand description and drinking leaflet for your enjoyment.
The gift box is made of fine cloth, which is also used for book binding, and has a gorgeous gold design.
Each colorful can contains 3 to 4 tea bags. The size of the can is 7.8 cm in diameter.