A gift set that includes a glass teapot perfect for a tea bouquet and a large can with 6 types of brands and cookies.
This set includes two types of tea bouquets made of carnations and lilies tied together like a bouquet of tea, and a glass teapot perfect for enjoying the tea bouquets.
In addition, this fun gift set includes four brands of tea bags popular for their gorgeous scent, ``Sec Chocolats'' cookies with a bittersweet chocolate flavor, and stick sugar as beautiful as crystals packed in a large white round can.

[Available from 4/1 to 5/7AM]
*Mother's Day this year is May 12th. Please specify the desired arrival date in the delivery date specification field.

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Mother's Day Teapot Gift Set

Mother's Day Teapot Gift Set

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You can enjoy the following brands of tea.

carnation peach

Carnation tea is a popular gift for Mother's Day.

Tangui lily

A craft tea that captures the taste of elegant lily.


Flavored tea with sweet fruit and flower aromas that play in gorgeous harmony in the cup.
princess lychee
The scent of lychee loved by the Queen. Lychee tea with the sweetness of roses as a secret ingredient
2022 Ceylon Dimbula Somerset Tea Farm BOP
Ceylon tea with a beautiful light blue color that evokes nostalgia and a mellow aftertaste.
2023 Darjeeling Second Flush Margaret's Hope Tea Farm DJ-162
The scent is like a bouquet of grassland herbs and flowers . Summer-picked Darjeeling from a popular tea garden


Carnation Sento in a design bag 1 piece x 1
Dankei Yuri Design Bag 1pc x 1
Fanfare Design Tea Bags x2pc x 1
Princess Lychee Designed Tea Bags 2pc x 1
2022 Dimbula Somerset Tea Estate Designed Tea Bags 2pc x 1
2023 Darjeeling Second Flush Margaret's Hope Tea Garden DJ-162 Designed Tea Bag 2pc x 1
Sec Chocolats Cookies 8 pieces x 1 [Expiration date: about 1 month]
Promp Teapot × 1
sugar sticks 2pc x1
Large can (white)

*Due to the expiration date of the sweets, this product will be shipped in order from April 28th onwards. We cannot accept delivery requests for dates before that date. Thank you for your understanding.
*This is available only as ribbon.
* If you require a shopping bag, please select the "Large Paper Shopping Bag" separately.
*The shelf life of sweets is approximately one month from the date of delivery.


・Large can: Height 12.5 cm, diameter 21.5 cm *Sizes are outside dimensions. In addition, there is an error of several millimeters.




[Sec Chocolats] Wheat, Milk, Egg
8 pieces of "Sec Chocolat" where you can enjoy the bitter flavor of cacao
You can enjoy 6 kinds of tea
Contents of the large tin gift set
Carnation Sento, a craft tea made by carefully wrapping carnations in jasmine tea