A tea bag set with spring-flavored tea wrapped in a lucky motif pattern.
This three-tin set contains three varieties of black tea in tins decorated with lucky motifs for spring. The four-leaf clover and ladybird can features Ceylon Udapuselawa Lucky Land Tea Estate. In the can with the key that opens the door to the heart is the seasonal flavoured tea Sakura. 'Fanfare' sweet fruit flavoured tea in a jumping rabbit and horn tin. From Valentine's Day and White Day to Easter and the blossoming of the cherry blossoms, this set of tea bags is a fun, heart-fluttering set of the perfect brands for springtime tea time, all in tins with lucky motif designs.
Ribbon wrapping is available for gift-giving. Please select in the options.
"Ceylon Udapselawa Lucky Land Tea Plantation" in four-leaf clover and ladybug cans
Seasonal flavored tea “Sakura” on a can with a key to open the door of the heart
Jumping rabbits and canned horns are sweet fruit flavored tea “Fanfare”
Happy spring mini can 3 can set
Happy spring mini can 3 can set
Happy spring mini can 3 can set

Happy spring mini can 3 can set

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Brands you can enjoy:
・3 cherry tea bags
・4 fanfare tea bags
・Ceylon Luckyland tea garden 4 pieces

Note ▼
* If you need a carrier bag, please select [Paper carrier bag small] separately.
* If you select this option, a thank you card (balloon design) will be sent together with the product.


Outer box: Length 7.8 cm Width 23.2 cm Height 3 cm Mini can: Diameter 7.8 cm Height 2.7 cm