About payment

Payment method One of the following methods is available.
【credit card】
[Prepaid Bank / Post Office]
[After payment (Paydy)]
credit card No fee required.
It is an easy payment method of procedure completed only online.
· VISA / MasterCard / JCB / AMEX is available.
· You may have set a discounted fee different from normal campaign or shipping special product.
Prepaid Bank / Post Office It will be shipped after payment confirmation.
Please make a transfer from among the following accounts.

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Banking Banking Bank of Fukagawa Branch Normal Deposit: 4043983 TEAPOND (Ka) Tay Pound)
Postal transfer / Japan Post Bank account number: 00190-5-743908 Teapond (Tay Pound)

· The transfer fee will be borne by the customer.
· Please transfer within 7 days after ordering.
If payment can not be confirmed even after 14 days, you may be able to cancel your order automatically.
Payment (Paydy) After payment (Paydy) is a payment method using the next month summary payment service provided by the settlement service company PAIDY.
You can pay the price collectively on the next month of use.

◆ Splitting fee free * 3 times and payment ◆
It is a service that can be paid divided into three months, three months after the next month, 3 months later.
If you check your personal confirmation from the Paydy app and upgrade to Paydy Plus, you will be able to choose three times after payment, and you will be able to check the standard for your upper limit. After the purchase is completed by the next month after payment, it is also possible to change to pay three times from the Paydy app three times.
* Bank transfer / direct debit only split hand charge free.

◆ Payment method ◆
The settlement decision is done at the completion of shipping of the product, and will be sent by email.
For billing and usage, you can log in to the Paydy site (https://my.paidy.com/login) or check from the Paydy app. We will inform you of the details of your bill from Payy and SMS as a guide to the 3rd of the following month of use. Please check the contents and pay by one of the following methods by the next month of use.

Convenience store payment (payment port fee: 356 yen (tax included) Note
Account transfer (payment number: free)
Bank Transfer (Payment fee: Different depending on the financial institution)
Note: Convenience store payment fee is 356 yen for billing only for collective payments,
If you include three times and payment, up to 356 yen fee will be charged for each request.
Details of convenience store payment fee Paydy website
Please check with https://support.paidy.com/hc/ja/articles/900006400686).