About the product

Q.How long is the expiration date?
A.The expiration date at the time of product manufacture is 27 months. Flavor tea will be 15 months. (The expiration date of the product delivered to you will be shorter than the above.) After opening, store in an airtight container and consume as soon as possible.
Q.Is the material of the bag-in-a-bag tea bag paper?
A.Our tea bags are made from a combination of aluminum and paper materials. After enclosing the tea leaves, it is tightly sealed by heat.
Q.Is it vacuum packed?
A.Although it is not a vacuum, it contains a deoxidizing material (ageless) (except for some products).
Q.Can it be stored in the bag?
A.Our tea bags do not have zippers. After opening, transfer to an airtight container before use.
Q.What kind of storage container is best?
A.Tea and herbs are vulnerable to [humidity], [light], [oxygen], and [temperature], which is a major cause of spoiling the taste and aroma. We recommend a can that can be tightly closed.
Q.Is it safe to store in a glass bottle?
A.Glass bottles allow light to pass through, so we recommend storing in a container that does not allow light to pass through, such as a [can].
Q.Should I store it in the refrigerator?
A.Storage at high temperature is a major cause of deterioration of tea. Storing in a low-temperature refrigerator is one method compared to storing in a hot room in the summer. However, refrigeration also has some drawbacks.
Except for the following cases, we recommend storing at room temperature. In addition, it is recommended that you buy tea in small amounts that you can drink in 1 to 3 months.
・The refrigerator is filled with the smell of other food. Tea has the property of absorbing odors, so it is a food that easily absorbs aromas.
・If [Tea after opening] is stored in the refrigerator, moisture will adhere to the tea as [condensation and frost] due to the temperature difference between the room and the refrigerator, and it will easily spoil the flavor of the tea.
[Precautions when storing in a refrigerator]
・Only store [unopened] tea in a sturdy package such as an aluminum bag.
・Limited to green tea / white tea / oolong tea (lowly fermented tea such as Taiwanese tea) that you want to store for a long time.
・There should be no foods with strong odors in the refrigerator that may transfer the odor to the tea.

About flavored teas and fragrances

Q.What are flavored teas?
A.It is an aromatic tea represented by "Earl Gray" and "Apple Tea". It is a general term for tea flavored with spices.
Q.What kind of perfume do you use?
A.At our store, we use one of the following types of fragrances. Nature-identical flavoring: Synthetic flavors with the same chemical composition as ingredients found in nature. All of them meet the standards according to the Food Sanitation Law in Japan, so you can enjoy them with confidence. Natural fragrances: Flavors extracted from agricultural products such as fruits, flowers, and spices.

Names related to caffeine

Q.What is the difference between "decaf" and "non-caffeine"?
A.・Non-caffeine/caffeine-free: Brands that do not contain caffeine at all.・Low caffeine decaffeinated: A brand with less caffeine than regular black tea. Caffeine content is not zero. This brand contains 10-20% caffeine compared to regular black tea.

About herb and fruit tea

Q.What does "I want to have fun at times like this" mean?
A.In Japan, except for cases where the ingredients are specified by the Pharmaceutical Affairs Law, it is not possible to describe the effects and efficacy of herbs. Please use it as a guide for recommended drinking.
Q.Can herbs replace medicine?
A.In other countries, herbs have a long history as one of the useful folk remedies. However, in the legal system of Japan, unfortunately, its use as a clear medicine is not approved.
Q.Is it okay to drink with anyone?
A.Basically, if it is a normal amount of drink, there is no problem. However, if you are pregnant, have allergies, are recovering from an illness, or are taking medication, we recommend that you consult with your doctor before enjoying this product. Recommended.
Q.It's delicious, so it seems like a lot every day, is that okay?
A.Most herbs can be taken several cups a day without any problem, but depending on the type, there are brands that require attention when taken for a long time. In that case, we will specify it on the product page, so we recommend that you wait for a certain period of time before eating.
Q.What are Herb Bugs?
A.It is a general term for insects that may attach to herbs that do not use pesticides, preservatives, insect repellents, etc. Also called potpourri insects. There is a rare possibility that it may occur depending on the climate such as temperature and humidity. Please note that there is a very rare risk of herb insects. Please pay attention to the storage method, especially during the summer months from June to October when the temperature rises. Herb insects do not have any adverse effects on the human body, but if by any chance an herb insect occurs, please contact us. We will replace it with a new product.


Q.What types of shipping and delivery methods are available?
A.You can choose between courier service and mail service (only for compatible products). See here for details.
Q.The revenue stamp is not attached to the credit card payment receipt, but can you attach it?
A.If you choose to pay by credit card, you do not need to attach a revenue stamp to the receipt, even if you spend more than 50,000 yen. You can use it as an official receipt.
Q.Is mail-bin shipping free?
A.For mail-bin delivery, we charge a shipping fee according to regulations. See here for details.
Q.I would like you to send it with a carrying bag, is that possible?
A.We will send it to you for a fee at our online store. See here for details.
Q.What is "Eco & Reuse"?
A.We may use recycled or reused cardboard for cardboard and cushioning materials, such as when delivering products to your home.

About commercial wholesale

Q.Do you have wholesale
A.Yes, we have wholesale sales for business customers.
Q.What kind of industry is business use?
A.Cafes, restaurants, grocery stores, confectionery stores, grocery stores, and those who host tea classes are eligible. For more information on who is eligible, please contact us.
Q.From what amount can I trade?
A.Although it depends on the packaging form, bulk (business-use packaging) starts at 500g.
Q.Can I use a credit card to pay for business wholesale?
A.Payment by credit card is not possible.
Q.How can I make an inquiry about wholesale for business use?
A.Please contact us by entering your company information in the form below. We will contact you shortly. Click here for transaction details and application form.