Notation based on Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Seller name Teapond Co., Ltd.
Seller Yuya Mita
location 〒135-0021
Koto Ward, Koto-ku, Tokyo 1-1-11
TEL 03-3642-3337
Contents included in the product price · Based on the display price for each product.
· Display price includes consumption tax.
Public price other than goods ·postage
Payment method · Credit card payment
· Prepayment (Bank / Post Office)
· Prepayment (Paydy)
Regarding delivery · Mail service (available only for compatible products.)
· We will deliver courier service (delivered by Yamato Transport.)
Product Delivery time From the order confirmation date (if prepayment, after confirmation confirmation) We will ship within 0 to 3 business days.
· We will send you the date of order confirmation email after the automatic reply mail (Sunkus Mail) to be sent at the time of order.
· The time when the busy season or order is concentrated, etc. may receive more time. Please understand in advance.
About returned goods
【Condition of return】
· Customer returned goods can not be accepted for food.
We accept returns only in the following cases.
In the case of returned goods due to the lack of our shop, we will pay the shipping cost at the time of return.
1 If there is a defect and deficiencies in the product
2 If products different from the order contents have arrived
· We accept returned goods only for products other than food.
· For all products, we will accept returns only in the following cases.
1 If you contact you within 7 days from the delivery date of the product
2 If you can return the product you want to return to our shop
However, please note that we will refuse the returned goods in the following cases other than food products.
1 sale item
2 Campaign products (such as lucky bags)
3 Special specifications of customers

[Correspondence after return]
Please note that we can not accept anything other than the following after returned goods.
· Replacement to new products
· Refund refund for product price

[Other precautions]
· With regard to customer convenience returns, the shipping fee for returning goods and the transfer fee for refund will be borne by the customer.
· Exchange It is also possible that the product of the desired desired can not be accepted by out of stock (including manufacturer's manufacturing end). In that case, we will correspond to the refund.

[Cautions about the tea ceremony / herbal tea / fruit tea]
Tea / herbal tea / fruit tea, handling and handling, use ingredients grown under Japanese pesticide residual standards or by organic standards.
All items are delivered to the hand through visual inspections at the product, export / imported quarantine, export / imported quarantine, and seller. However, in rare cases, a herb insect or the like may occur due to the contamination of foreign matter and storage status at the customer.
When an abnormality is seen, it will be compatible with the exchange of goods or refund for the product price.
Please note that other correspondences can not be accepted.