A tea bag selection where you can enjoy the scent of 8 popular brands of TEAPOND in a handy tea bag.
An assorted set of eight scented tea bags in colorful sachets packed in chic envelopes. Pyramid-shaped tea bags that bring out the deliciousness of tea leaves can be used not only for a relaxing time at home, but also at the office or while traveling. increase. You can enjoy various types of brands with rich individuality, so it's perfect as a gift for those who don't know what they like. Seasonal single-origin teas from Darjeeling, Ceylon, and Nepal, as well as our popular flavored teas and fruit teas. And our original "Milk Tea Blend", which is perfect for milk tea. A total of 8 scents are well-balanced, so it is a combination that anyone can enjoy as a gift. You can also add a ribbon for free if you wish. Of course, it is also recommended as a trial set to find your favorite scent.
Tea bag selection
Tea bag selection
Tea bag selection
Tea bag selection
Tea bag selection

Tea bag selection

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Enjoy 8 unique scents

2023 Nepal Ilam Second Flush Granse Tea Estate G-101

Second flush Nepalese tea with a sweet and mellow taste

2023 Darjeeling First Flush Sungma Tea Estate DJ-3

Spring-picked Darjeeling tea with a gentle sweetness that blends together small white flowers and the fresh green fragrance

2022 Quality Season Dimbula Dessford Tea Estate BOP

Ceylon black tea with a well-defined, pleasant astringency, gorgeous aroma and lively flavor.
Milk Tea Blend
It is perfect for milk tea with plenty of milk added. It is also great as a morning drink.
Earl Grey BlueBird
Bergamot and oriental fruits. A light Earl Grey with blue flowers.
Fruit Tea Garden of Fragrance
Fresh scent of refreshing garden herbs and grapefruit
Milk Caramel
Enjoy it straight or with milk, with a soothing, sweet caramel aroma
Princess Lychee
The scent of lychee that the Queen loved. Lychee tea with the secret sweetness of roses.


8 types x 1 each (includes tea explanation booklet)


[Fragrant Garden] Apple, Orange [Milk Caramel] Milk