You can freely combine your favorite brands to create a gift set.
Cube is a gift box with a simple design featuring our logo. Please refer to the packing example at the bottom of the page for the items that can be packed and the number of items that can be packed. We will put a ribbon on your request.
A brown ribbon is attached to the argyle-patterned box.
Free Arrangement Gift Box Cube
Free Arrangement Gift Box Cube
Free Arrangement Gift Box Cube

Free Arrangement Gift Box Cube

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[Gift Box Assortment Method] ① Please refer to the [Assortment example] and add your favorite products to the shopping cart. (2) From the options of the gift box, ・Select with/without ribbon. ③ Please specify the products you would like to be packed in the box using the [Option Form]. ④ Proceed to the delivery and payment procedures in the same way as regular products. *If you need a carrying bag, please select it as an option. ▼Caution* It is not possible to pack more than 4 cans in one box. * When ordering multiple sets with different contents, please specify the desired set contents in the remarks column of the shopping cart. *You cannot specify multiple shipping addresses in one order. In that case, please make a payment for each destination. *The material of the cushioning material in the gift set may change. *We cannot accept orders for a single gift box (empty box).


・Size: Height 12 cm Width 11 cm Depth 11 cm
*Sizes are external dimensions. In addition, there is an error of several millimeters.
Depending on the shape of the selected product, it may not be possible to assort it even if it is within 10 points.
In addition to the above, there are items that cannot be packed.
Assortment example
Ribbon packaging
The inside has a golden argyle pattern.