We have two brands of tea that are perfect for milk tea, available in tea bags for easy enjoyment!
For those who like milk tea, you can easily enjoy ``Earl Gray Royal Milk,'' which is popular for its aromatic milk tea, and ``Milk Tea Blend,'' which is perfect for enjoying rich milk tea. This is a gift set.
“Milk Tea Blend” will be delivered in a new message can “Tea Angel”.
Milk Tea Gift Set (Tea Bags)

Milk Tea Gift Set (Tea Bags)

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You can enjoy the following brands in this gift set

Earl Grey Royal Milk
Earl Grey made with natural flavors, recommended for milk tea
10 tea bags in a tin
Milk Tea Blend
It is perfect for milk tea with plenty of milk added. It is also great as a morning drink.
10 tea bags in a tin


Internal capacity:
Milk Tea Blend Tea Angel Tin Tea Bags 10pcs x 1 Tin
Earl Grey Royal Milk Regular Tin Tea Bags 10 x 1 Tin
Comes in a gift box

* If you require a carrier bag, please select the small paper carrier bag separately.


・Box for 2 cans: Height 5.5 cm Width 22.5 cm Depth 11.8 cm




The milk tea blend comes in a newly designed Tea Angel tin.