My bag made of light organza with an embroidered design.
Located in the 1st arrondissement of Paris, "Brigitte Tanaka" is a popular store that stocks items selected by the French woman Brigitte and the Japanese woman Tanaka. Among the items, the one that has been garnering attention since its release is the organza bag.

This special order item features an original design with the TEAPOND logo embroidered on it, and is now back with an inner pocket.

The storage pocket is also embroidered with the owl logo, so it looks cute even when folded and can also be used as an inner pocket when using the bag, making it even more convenient.

As the embroidered message "SAC POUR LA LUTTE CONTRE LE SAC PLASTIQUE (The bag against plastic bags)" suggests, this unique bag has the shape and texture of a plastic bag, is sewn using elegant organza material, and the design is woven with embroidery.
This item allows you to feel Bridget Tanaka's spirit towards disposable culture.

Living an environmentally conscious life by using your favorite items for a long time is the perfect way to live today.

Although the organza material may seem delicate to handle, it is surprisingly strong and can carry up to 6kg (but be careful with sharp objects).
It is also lightweight and folds compactly, so it won't take up much space in your bag.

"I'll buy some delicious bread, some seasonal fruits and flowers, and then I'll buy my favorite tea..."
This is a bag that will help you create a story behind your shopping in your daily life, and you'll want to put only your favorite things in it.
The way the contents are elegantly visible through the material is unique to organza.
*There is actually a storage pocket on the inside top.
brigitte tanaka × TEAPOND organza bag

brigitte tanaka × TEAPOND organza bag

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Size: Width: 26.5 cm Height: 55.5 cm (handle part: 17.5 cm) Depth: 14 cm
Folded: Approx. 10cm in length and width
*As this is a fabric product, there may be slight individual differences.
Material: 100% rayon
Country of Origin: India
Load capacity: 6kg




・The load capacity is about 6 kg.
・Do not insert sharp objects directly.
・Do not apply continuous or strong friction. It may cause breakage.
・Do not use chemicals (thinner, benzine, alcohol). It may cause stains or discoloration.
・Do not place near fire. It may catch fire.
・Do not leave it wet. It causes shrinkage and wrinkles.
[Color fading]
・Colors may fade due to friction, sweat, or water. Please be careful as it may rub against clothes etc. and cause color transfer.
・Due to the characteristics of the material, please put it in a laundry net when washing.
The elegant texture of the material will blend naturally into your home decor.
*There is actually a storage pocket on the inside top.
It looks elegant and nice when you carry it in your hand.
*There is actually a storage pocket on the inside top.
Here is the folded state.