Stick sugar that is beautiful like a jewel to create tea time.
A crystal-like sugar stick that can only be made with extremely pure sugar. High-purity sugar can add sweetness of 2-3 cups per cup without spoiling the flavor of black tea. Instead of a teaspoon, add it to a cup saucer for a sophisticated tea time. It's a beautiful sugar that is also recommended for gifts.
Enjoy your special tea time.
It is an item that will be appreciated even if it is a gift with tea.
It's also nice to add a teaspoon to the cup and saucer to color your tea time.
Sugar stick
Sugar stick

Sugar stick

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Sugar Stick White 5 sticks This crystal-like sugar is made by crystallizing high-purity cane sugar. Country of Origin: USA


Height about 13 cm Width about 11 cm Thickness about 2 cm * 1 length is about 12 cm.


(per 8g) energy 31kcal, protein 0g, fat 0g, carbohydrates 8g, salt equivalent 0g