A cup and saucer that is as thin as an eggshell and has a rounded shape.
A thin cup and saucer that allows the color of the liquid to be poured through. In the past, patterns and landscapes from the East were copied, and geisha's faces were used as watermarks on the bottom of cups. Even now, it is still made in several factories in Japan using the same manufacturing method. When your mouth touches the thin cup created by craftsmanship, you will surely be surprised at how good it feels. As our original, we kept the rounded form and delicate thinness as it is, and finished it simply with a gold line on the edge so that it would blend in with your daily tea time. Furthermore, after drinking the tea, if you hold the light up, the relief of the owl will emerge from the bottom of the cup. Light, delicate, and modern, this item is full of beautiful Japanese craftsmanship.
A plain white vessel that beautifully reflects the colors of various types of tea.
An owl is represented in relief at the bottom of the cup.
When held up to light, an owl pattern emerges from its thinness.
A thin gold line on the rim of the cup and saucer.
Eggshell Cup & Saucer
Eggshell Cup & Saucer

Eggshell Cup & Saucer

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Country of manufacture: Made in Japan


Cup capacity: Practical 150ml (about 230ml when full)
Cup: Height 5cm x Width 12cm (including handle) Cup diameter 9.5cm Saucer: Height 2cm x Diameter 15.5cm


*No microwave, no dishwasher. *Depending on the product, some of the cups and saucers may have small dots or spots. We do not accept returns or exchanges except in cases related to safety in use. Thank you for your understanding. *Please be careful not to strongly rub the gold painted part with the rough surface of a sponge. It may cause peeling.
The simple design blends well with any table coordination.
Owl relief faintly visible at the bottom of the cup
The slightly narrowed rim of the cup is a gentle form reminiscent of an egg.