A clip that can cover the width of a tea bag with our owl logo.
A clip that can securely close an opened tea bag.
A wide clip that covers the width of our tea bags with a logo.
If you store the tea in the tea bag without transferring it to a tea can, you can reduce the volume by folding the tea bag into a small size according to the amount of tea that has been reduced by drinking the tea inside. can be reduced.
Not only can it be used for storing tea bags, but it can also be used for various purposes depending on your ideas.
It's the perfect size for storing Tea for Two and bagged items.
white and black. It is very convenient even if you have several in different colors.
logo tea clip
logo tea clip
logo tea clip

logo tea clip

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Size Length: 5.5 cm Width: 10 cm Height: 3.7 cm (spring part)




1. 乳幼児の手の届くところに置かないでください。
2. 火のそばに置かないでください。
3. 汚れや水気が付着した際は錆の原因となるため速やかに拭き取ってください。