Notice of online store product price revision

Due to the rising cost of imported tea leaves and material prices, we have decided to revise the product price as follows, although it is very reluctant. (In addition, the same price revision will be made at each physical store from Wednesday, February 1st.)
We will continue to offer a variety of products that meet your expectations. Thank you for your understanding.
1. Revision date
20 From February 1, 2023 ( Wednesday) orders
2. Details of price revision
Major changes
  • The price of many bagged tea leaves and bagged tea bag products , mainly flavored tea and fruit tea, starts from 1,296 yen including tax . I will assume. ( Accordingly, the price of canned products will also change.)
  • The price of many products with 2 tea bags in a bag will be 399 yen including tax .
  • We will also revise the prices of assorted products and gift products. Set products not listed below will be sold at the new total price.
  • We will also revise some prices for handbags. It is 55 yen including tax for a small bag, and 22 yen including tax for a nylon bag.
For more information, please see the price list from 1 February 2023 below. ( Prices include tax.)