Hibiscus, rosehip and refreshing acidity are added to the gorgeous scent of roses.
An herbal blend inspired by a paradise filled with slender flamingos and pretty flowers. Made with materials that are pleasing to the mind and body of women, such as roses with a gorgeous scent, hibiscus with a refreshing acidity of citric acid, and rose hips rich in vitamin C. If you pour hot water, the petals will scatter in the water, and eventually it will become a pale pink tea liquid. The perfect refreshing taste and aroma are ideal for frequent hydration, carrying around in your own bottle. It does not contain caffeine, so it is also recommended for tea time before going to bed.
Rose Flamingo
Rose Flamingo
Rose Flamingo
Rose Flamingo
Rose Flamingo

Rose Flamingo

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Rose Flamingo
Rose pink, hibiscus, rose red, rosehip, orange peel, marigold
Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Chile, Turkey
Store away from high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight. After opening, put in an airtight container and consume as soon as possible.
(Per 2.5g of tea leaves) Energy 7kcal, protein 0.01g, fat 0.01g, carbohydrate 1.1g, salt equivalent 0g
refreshing acidity
茶葉の量 2g (2 medium teaspoons)
抽出の時間5 minutes or more
Put it in your own bottle and carry it around, and relax with the scent while frequently rehydrating.
If you drink only one type of herbal tea, the taste may not be reliable, or the scent may be too strong. At our shop, when making herb blends, we value the taste of the ingredients themselves, and at the same time, to make it easier to mix, we try not to shred the herbs excessively and keep the shape of the ingredients as they look beautiful. increase. By doing so, the harshness does not come out, and even if you leave the herbs in the hot water, it will not thicken, and you can enjoy it for a long time in a delicious state. Of course, the combination of blended herbs is also important. This flower herb blend "Rose Flamingo" has a natural rose scent, marigolds that add depth to the rose scent, and a beautiful pink light blue color with a refreshing acidity. Hibiscus, orange peel with a sweet and slightly bitter flavor, and rose hips rich in vitamin C, which is said to be a vitamin C bomb, are combined. Hibiscus tea is also famous as a herbal tea that the people of Egypt, where the strong sunlight pours down, love to drink for daily hydration. Please enjoy the blend of herbs that bring together the charms of flowers in a way that relaxes you with its scent and contains many ingredients that are good for your body.
I want to have fun at times like this
・When you are concerned about caffeine...・For tea time for breastfeeding mothers.・When swelling is a concern...・For rehydration after being exposed to the summer sun.