A set of 3 brands that you can enjoy each flower with the image of a flower garden in full bloom.
青い鳥と矢車菊のミニ缶には、永遠の組み合わせともいえるベルガモットと紅茶の香りを、矢車菊で彩った当店自慢の「アールグレイ ブルーバード」が入っています。



*通常柄 (アーガイルデザイン) のメッセージカードをご希望の方はご意見・ご要望欄に「通常メッセージカード希望」とご記入ください。
"Carnation Bouquet Tea" is a craft tea that slowly blooms in hot water from tea leaves bundled in buds.
"Earl Grey Blue Bird" with the scent of bergamot and black tea colored with cornflowers
"Arabesque Rose" is made by mixing high-quality Himalayan black tea with plenty of rose petals.
Mother's Day Flowers Mini 3 tin Set
Mother's Day Flowers Mini 3 tin Set

Mother's Day Flowers Mini 3 tin Set

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Brands you can enjoy:
・Carnation Sento (2 pieces of craft tea)
・Earl Gray Bluebird (4 tea bags)
・Arabes Rose (3 tea bags)

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Outer box: Length 7.8 cm Width 23.2 cm Height 3 cm Mini can: Diameter 7.8 cm Height 2.7 cm