Mini size cup with owl and logo
This is a small demitasse size cup for tasting, which is used when preparing welcome tea at our shop.

The TEAPOND logo and owl mark are printed on the inside of the cup. If you pour the tea up to the owl's feet, it will be approximately 60ml. The rustic texture of the generated color and the durable construction are attractive.
It is also recommended for those who want to leave the tea leaves in the pot and enjoy the change in flavor over time, and for those who want to enjoy the taste of Chinese tea by repeatedly brewing it.
At the store, we serve welcome tea in this cup.
Our original cup with our logo and trademark owl.
It is a very cute size feeling even if you arrange a lot.
owl mini cup
owl mini cup
owl mini cup

owl mini cup

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Country of manufacture: Made in Japan


Cup capacity: 60ml for practical use (about 100ml when full)
Cup: Height 5.5 cm Width 8 cm (including handle) Cup diameter 6.5 cm




・Microwave: Yes
・Dishwasher: Yes
・Oven: Impossible

・Be careful not to rub the pattern strongly with a metal scrubbing brush or detergent containing abrasives, as the pattern may come off or the surface may be damaged.
・When used for a long time, the pattern may fade due to rubbing against each other.
It seems that the owls are lined up when arranging the mini cups.
Please use it for a little hydration during breaks.