Assorted brands perfect for tea time in a pouch for tea time anytime, anywhere!
Open the Halloween color pouch designed with "TEATIME" in a retro font, and you can always have a fun tea time.
In a small can with a jack-o'-lantern drawn on it, you'll find Honey Harvest, a flavored tea with sweet honey and fruit aromas perfect for the autumn harvest. In addition, you can enjoy “Milk Caramel”, which has a sweet scent like sweets distributed to children disguised as ghosts, and Mist Valley Tea Garden brands from Nepal in small tea bags. This set also includes sugar sticks that are as beautiful as jewels.
After you've finished drinking, put your favorite tea and sweets in the pouch, perfect for enjoying a relaxing tea time while traveling or at the office.
This pouch is available in two Halloween-like colors.
Inside the jack-o-lantern-patterned can, honey harvest is a blend of autumn-like dried fruits such as apples and grapes in the scent of honey.
We have prepared a pumpkin yellow fabric that looks like a pumpkin.
The dark brown fabric has "TEATIME" written in vivid pink.
Pouch Tea Time Halloween
Pouch Tea Time Halloween
Pouch Tea Time Halloween

Pouch Tea Time Halloween

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set content:
・ Small can (Halloween design) Flavored tea “Honey Harvest” 3 tea bags
・Tea for Two Milk Caramel x 1
・Tea for Two 2023 Nepal Mist Valley Tea Plantation EX/O-38 x 1
・Two sugar sticks
・Tea time pouch (pumpkin yellow or dark brown)

Note ▼
*This product will be wrapped when it is in the pouch.
*This is a limited quantity product. If the planned quantity is reached, sales will end.

product size
Pouch: Length 14 cm Width 18 cm Thickness 3 cm
Mini can: diameter 7.8 cm, height 2.7 cm




Honey Harvest: Apple Milk Caramel: Milk
Whichever you choose, the content will be the same.
On the back side, how to brew tea is written in English.