An assortment of brands perfect for spring tea time in a pouch.
Tea time anytime, anywhere!
Once you open the pink pouch designed with "TEATIME" in a retro font, you can always have a fun tea time. The seasonal flavored tea “Sakura” is in a cute palm-sized can with a cherry blossom illustration. “Princess Lychee”, which is popular for its fruity lychee scent, and “Nepal Mist Valley Tea Garden”, which was picked in the fall of 2021. "Ceylon Shitaka Tea Garden" has a deep flavor and sweetness like black candy. You can enjoy 4 different brands. After drinking, put your favorite tea and sweets in the pouch and enjoy a relaxing tea time at your destination or office.
Assorted 4 kinds of tea in a pink pouch.
"TEATIME" is written in retro font on pink fabric.
Pouch Tea Time Spring Set

Pouch Tea Time Spring Set

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Set contents: ・Seasonal flavored tea “Sakura” tea bag with 3 cherry blossom design small cans ・Tea for Two Princess Lychee x 1 ・Tea for Two 2021 Nepal Mist Valley Tea Garden EX-18 x 1 ・Tea for Two 2020 Ceylon Shitaka Tea Garden x 1 2 tea bags each, pink pouch *This product will be wrapped in a pouch. [Ingredients] ・Sakura: black tea (India), strawberry, red currant, raspberry, sour cherry, rose red, rose pink, cornflower / fragrance ・Princess lychee: black tea (China), rose pink, cornflower / fragrance ・Nepal Mist Valley Tea Plantation: Black Tea (Nepal) ・Ceylon Shitaka Tea Plantation: Black Tea (Sri Lanka) *This product is a limited product from February to April.